Revolutionizing the way we interact with digital content

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We're building a platform to interact with digital media

We’re reinventing the global marketing platform for digital content producers and the consumer. We plan to transform how advertising interacts with the content provider as well as implemented strategies to engage users all while increasing the revenue potential of everyone involved.


What are VibraVid and BeatzCoin?

VibraVid is here to change the way consumers interact with digital content, while increasing the revenue potential of content creators. It is a platform to view or listen to content created by artists on your desktop or mobile wherein creators and users are able to earn and spend revenue in a fair system that is user and creator centric. VibraVid will provide a platform for creators to upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to users with the added benefits of being able to crowdfund and sell merchandise and event tickets directly to their subscribers and fans. BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which will fuel the platform by allowing creators and users to exchange them, peer-to-peer, for goods and services, prizes and bounties.


Decentralized Token

The BeatzCoin token will be released on the basis of the Tron network. Tron's transaction speed, cost, and efficiency, combined with its compatibility with third-party services, wallets, and exchanges, creates the perfect environment for our token (BeatzCoin), and our platform (VibraVid).

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Token Distribution


Token Usage


Meet our amazing team

The BeatzCoin Team combines a passion for digital content, industry expertise & a proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Steven Zambron
Steven Zambron Founder & CEO
Dallas Tatlow
Dallas Tatlow COO
Misha Lederman
Misha Lederman CCO
Neil Gordon
Neil Gordon Technology Director
Alex Guerra
Alex Guerra Director of Artist Relations
Tasos Oureilidis
Tasos Oureilidis CBDO
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Marketing Associate
Steve Lourenco
Steve Lourenco Project Manager
Cleon Fernandes
Cleon Fernandes Branding & Design Engineer
David Wawrzyniak
David Wawrzyniak GuildChat Community Manager
Lionell Jenious
Lionell Jenious Artist Relations
Mike Hanson
Mike Hanson Artist Relations
Blake Suarez
Blake Suarez Artist Relations


Bizarre From D-12
Bizarre From D-12 USA Music Industry Advisor
David D
David D'Aprile Advisor
Danjiel Deniro Mitrovic
Danjiel Deniro Mitrovic EU Music Industry Advisor
John McAfee
John McAfee Advisor


Event Quarter 4 - 2017 BeatzCoin concept, idea, and initial development propelled by founder, Steven Zambron
Event Quarter 1 - 2018 Project development, team building, and strategic planning
Event Quarter 1 - 2018 Roadmap finalized, and web-development begins
Event Quarter 2 - 2018 VibraVid incorporates, 1st draft of the Whitepaper is released, and and are launched
Event Quarter 3 - 2018 BeatzCoin launches an airdrop and bounty campaign, coinciding with TRC-10 token creation on the Tron network and Preliminary Token Trading Event
Event Quarter 3 - 2018 BeatzCoin launches and completes a 2-week Private Token Trading Event via Telegram
Event Quarter 4 - 2018 BeatzCoin announces support from major recording artists, both Bizarre of D-12, and Deniro from the Balkans
Event Quarter 1 - 2019 BeatzCoin launches the Artist and Content Creator Accelerator campaign to attract artists to the pre-launch of the platform
Event Quarter 3 - 2019 The launch of the VibraVid platform, open to community testing.
Event Quarter 3 - 2019 VibraVid public launch & IEO
Event Quarter 4 - 2019 Advertising integration, development, and POLS development
Event Quarter 1 - 2020 VibraVid advertising integration, where content creators and listeners/viewers can both earn advertising revenue
Event Quarter 2 - 2020 VibraVid TV launch
Event Quarter 3 - 2020 Further AI development and integration toward creating a self-sustainable platform via AI, smart-contracts, dApp initiatives, etc.

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